TI-KNOT is indicated for the fixation and cutting of surgical sutures on soft tissue through minimally invasive, laparoscopic and robot-assisted procedures.

It has been designed with key features that distinguish it as a unique system in automated suture fixation:

  • Safe and reliable: The fixation of the surgical suture is guaranteed;
  • Strong: By using an automated system, a uniform and consistent force is guaranteed for all stitches and the clamping force is greater than with a node pusher;
  • Fast: TI-KNOT fixators are designed for easy loading onto the handpiece.

TI-KNOT device is indicated with the following surgical sutures:

  • Polyester 2.0 or 0
  • Polypropylene 2.0 or 0

Vicryl 2.0 or 0


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LSI Solutions

LSI SOLUTIONS®, situata nella bellissima Victor, New York, è una società di dispositivi medici dinamica ed in continua crescita dedicata a promuovere terapie mini-invasive attraverso la ricerca, lo sviluppo, la produzione e la  commercializzazione di strumenti chirurgici per le procedure mini-invasive.