HemCheck is a device produced by HemCheck Sweden AB, capable of detecting haemolysis from whole blood. The device is particularly indicated for patients undergoing ECMO treatment, or cardiac surgery, as it enables the monitoring of free haemoglobin trends in real time.

The device quantifies free haemoglobin, at the time of collection, in less than 10 seconds. The device features a unique filtration technology capable of separating plasma from whole blood. The test can be performed using either syringes or vacuum tubes. Its accuracy is comparable to laboratory chemical analysers.

The HemCheck system consists of:

  • Helge H10 Reader capable of detecting free haemoglobin by means of a photometer spectrum and providing an initial indication of the haemolysis event;
  • Consumable tests (s-Test, bgs-Test, v-Test);
  • Zafena POC-Workstation display, with integrated printer and barcode reader: digital reader that returns a quantitative result to the operator in mg/dL, g/L or μmol/L.

v-Test – disposable test for vacuum tubes

s-Test and bgs-Test – disposable tests for blood gas syringes

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HemCheck Sweden AB is a medical technology company based in Karlstad, Sweden, founded in 2012 and listed on the ‘Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm’.