The COR-KNOT® device is indicated for fixing and cutting the suture during cardiovascular surgery procedures and specifically in aortic and mitral replacement or repair performed by minimally invasive technique.
The system consists of a surgical titanium clip (fixator “quick load”) that, placed on the suture threads of the prosthesis, is crimped using a handpiece equipped with a mechanism for crimping and cutting the excess suture thread.

Published scientific literature shows how the use of this system, during minimally invasive procedures, allows to:

  • Reduce operative time significantly;
  • Facilitate suture fixation;
  • Ensure homogeneity of sutures on the prosthesis with a constant fixation force for all points and greater than the force exerted by the traditional knot.

The COR-KNOT system is available in two sizes:
Length/Diameter Metal stem:

  • 31 cm/5 mm (Cor-Knot Standard) indicated primarily for minimally invasive mitral surgery.
  • 14 cm/4 mm (Cor-Knot Mini) indicated mainly for minimally invasive aortic surgery and sternotomy.

The COR-KNOT system has CE mark for Europe and FDA approval for the U.S. territory, where it has been used since the year 2009, in more than 90% of minimally invasive cardiac surgery centers.

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