Color-coded labels designed to provide an anesthetic drug delivery system to prevent errors, protect the patient and assist the operator. The labeling system consists of packs of color-coded adhesive labels based on the class of the anesthetic drug, each with the name and dosage of the drug itself.  The color code supports the labeling system adopted by AAGBI and RCoA and complies with the new SIAARTI and SIFO guidelines in relation to ISO 26825: 2008.


A large catalog of pre-printed labels is available, supplied in packs of 1000 (2 reels containing 500 labels) with dispenser containing up to 20 reels.

The names of the drugs correspond and respect those reported by the Italian Pharmacopoeia. They are also compliant and cataloged according to the international color code (SIAARTI). The colors comply with ISO 26825/2008 (E). Customizable labels (also in the Italian language version).

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