Xenosys is established to develop and supply fine products by adapting accumulated
high optical technology from national defense industry to medical optics industry.

Our technology has been acknowledged by MCIE (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) and SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration). We are cooperating with Seoul National University, Incheon National University, and DATQ (Defense Agency for Technology and Quality) to develop innovative products, secure credence, and to evaluate and improve the quality of the products.

Also, we have obtained CE, ISO14001, FDA, Japan FDA and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) from KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration), SFDA for China that are required for the manufacturing and the marketing of the products.

We are very proud of our product quality and confidently introduce you to our product line.
Our loupes and LED light systems are selling to all over the world and getting more favorable satisfaction from our valuable customers.