STERN FIX is a sternal stabilization system made of carbon-fiber reinforced PEEK-OPTIMA™  that provides a rigid fixation of the sternum following sternotomy procedure.

This exceptional material provides a bone-like tailored stiffness that reduces the occurrence of stress at the bone-implant interface. This results in a reduced risk of bone cut-through and a continuous compression of the sternum during the healing process.

STERN FIX is easy to use and needle-free providing a quick and reliable solution for sternal closure.

Intuitive application method with reduced number of instruments.
Atraumatic design.
Needle-free implant that helps avoid injuries caused by sharp metal.
Quick re-entry with a standard wire cutting tool.

NEOS Surgery is an innovative technological company, with offices in Barcelona and San Sebastian, dedicated to the development, manufacture and commercialization of medical devices in the field of neuro,  spinal and other surgical fields. 

Another major key activity of NEOS Surgery is the continuous participation in sustainable R&D projects in collaboration with third parties.

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NEOS Surgery was born in October 2003 as a micro-SME that combined the efforts of neurosurgeons with two Technology Centres with a sound reputation and professionals specialized in the Medical Technology sector:  EURECAT Foundation and TECNALIA Research Corporation.

Our team has an extensive expertise in working with several biocompatible materials, such as PEEK, and in developing products that must meet the highest technology and continue to set new standards in terms of quality. Our cranial fixation system, Cranial LOOP is the first cranial bone flap fixation clamp made of PEEK.