The ‘Soft Tissue’ Retractor is a sterile, single-use device for soft tissue access. The retractor is an elastic tube with a circular support on both ends.

The Soft Tissue Retractor is available in two versions:

– Self retractor (fixed height)


  • coated metal upper and lower ring;
  • silicone tube, latex free.

– Changeable height


  • coated metal upper and lower ring;
  • silicone and polyurethane hose , latex free.

Features and Benefits:

  • Improves working space, visibility and exposure;
  • Maintains moisture at the incision site and minimises tissue damage;
  • Significantly reduces the risk of infection;
  • Fast and effortless positioning;
  • Flexible in height, suitable for a wide range of patients;
  • Disposable, ready to use, safe.

Catalogues of available sizes:

Fixed Height Retractors Measures

Variable Height Retractors Measures

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