The SEW EASY® suturing machine, used with the RAM® surgical suture, is designed for suturing in prosthetic materials.

The RAM® DEVICE is an automatic ring suture device with a double curved needle that allows you to insert sutures in a single pressure.

Surgical suturing machine designed for the passage of sutures through the suture ring of a cardiac valve prosthesis with dedicated boxes that allow the rapid loading of the sutures and the passage of the same through the valve prosthesis.

The operator loads the suture with end caps into a SEW_EASY box; then loads the box into the SEW_EASY suturing machine. The indications for use foresee that the Sew-easy device can be used ONLY for valve replacements.

Surgical suturing machine consisting of two retractable needles that allows the automatic positioning of the sutures around the valve annulus. The suturator is equipped with two rings (cursors), located at the base of the metal rod, thanks to which the surgical operator is able to select the desired orientation of the tip of the suturator. The suture threads used are dedicated threads with a 2-0 suturator in non-absorbable braided polyester. White, green, white/green striped suture threads. Suture threads with or without pledget. Sutures with two stainless steel tubes at both ends to allow fast loading into the suturator.

The RAM® DEVICE has the ability to articulate both 30° “IN” and 30° “OUT”. RAM® 3.5 is available with a suture distance of 3.5 mm. The RAM® DEVICE device has several key features and advantages that distinguish it as the main automatic suture positioning device.

During the congress “Surgery of Thoracic Aorta” held at the Congress Palace of Bologna on 4-5 November, the following video was presented during the “Video Presentation” session: “New Tools in minimal invasive aortic surgery” realized in collaboration with Prof. Pacini, in which the most significant phases of an aortic repair intervention with the support of our RAM /Sew-Easy and Cor-Knot (Lsi Solutions) devices were highlighted.

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