Designed to aid in the reduction of medication errors in anaesthesia and improve patient safety.

Significant evidence has shown that anaesthetic drugs need to be standardized to reduce misadministration and to increase safety, and there is generally no second control system.

The Rainbow Trays are colour coded anaesthetic trays for use in operating theatres by anaesthetists supporting the colour coded critical care labelling system as adopted by the AAGBI and RCoA.

The trays provide a safe environment for the transportation, storage and administration of anaesthetic drugs.

The Rainbow Trays system comprises three separate trays that allow the anaesthetist to clearly separate routine, local and emergency drugs.

Rainbow Trays deliver patient Safety in Anaesthesia in 3 important ways:

  • Standardisation, recommended by:
  • European Board of Anaesthesiology
  • Royal College of Anaesthetists
  • NICE
  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Segregation: drugs segregated to reduce the risk of misadministration. Each section allows the ampoules to be kept with the respective syringes for effective checking. Each syringe sits completely within the section.

  • Infection control:
    All elements of the Rainbow Trays system are made from PET which is bacteriostatic and therefore will not harbour bacterial growth and supports effective infection control. Separate sections mean no contamination from other syringes or ampoules.

Why do We Need Tamper Evident?

  • Safety: sealed and tamper-proof. The tray is equipped with a click shut system and has a high-impact adhesive and security slits on the label;
  • Auditable: impossible to open without leaving traces of tampering attempts;
  • Clear: associated with color code identification labels for drug recognition;
  • Versatile: ideal for patients who need to be transferred.

Scarica la brochure
Scarica la brochure

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