Trilogy Cardiac TAVI System

JenaValve’s TAVI Trilogy™ system is indicated in patients with severe symptomatic native aortic regurgitation (AR) or severe symptomatic aortic stenosis (AS).


The JenaValve TAVI Trilogy™ system consists of:

  1. Trilogy™ transcatheter heart valve


                           SIZE 23                                                                                        SIZE 25                                                                                  SIZE 27             


  1. Delivery Catheter
    Facilitates catheter alignment of the THV within the native aortic valve and allows for simple, controlled deployment of the THV


  1. Introducer Sheath System/ dilator
    customized long pre-shaped sheath protects anatomy and valve locator technology during delivery. The dilator facilitates safe vascular access and deliverability of the introducer sheath



  1. Valve Loading Tools