Hemosep® is an innovative device from Advancis Surgical. The Hemosep®, simple in concept and application, a system that recovers blood lost during surgery and recycles it to be transfused back to the patient. This device returns the entire corpuscular part of the blood, such as platelets, red blood cells and clotting factors, to the patient and reduces potential post-operative blood loss to optimize patient outcomes.

The Hemosep® Blood Bag is the active processor of the device and consists of three parts:

– The Blood Bag which houses: the technology and the blood as it is filtered.

– The Filter Membrane consists of a unique pore size structure to control what can pass during filtration;

– The Super-absorbent Layer is where excess plasma and blood debris, which passes through the Filter Membrane, is absorbed, and transformed into a gel-like substance. This also allows for easy disposal of biological waste.

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