Off pump no-stop heart beating coronary artery bypass surgery is a new coronary artery bypass (CAB) technique. HK heart stabilizer, which consists of pressure foot and universal supporter (shortly called supporter), is a key surgery kit for coronary artery bypass. Pressure foot is supported by supporter, whose base is fixed on sternal retractor.
Supporting arm can be flexed, turned around and fixed in three-dimensional space. It can drive pressure foot and make it contact the surface parts of heart. Pressure foot best raddles coronary artery and give pressure on surface of heart.

HK heart stabilizer has the function of stabilizing partial heart, limiting position of coronary artery, and unveiling anastomosis position of target coronary artery, and it can conveniently, speedily, accurately inosculate blood vessels.

The healthy human aortic valve regulates flow from the left ventricle of the heart to the body during systole via full opening of the valve leaflets. During diastole, the valve leaflets close to eliminate or minimize blood flow backward through the valve into the left ventricle.

Some patients suffer from dilation of the aortic valve annulus and aortic wall allowing blood to flow back into the ventricle resulting in AI.

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