Project Description

BioStable’s HAART 200 is an aortic annuloplasty device designed specifically for bicuspid aortic valve repair. The HAART 200 was developed for correction of annular dilatation and/or maintenance of annular aortic valve geometry in adult patients undergoing bicuspid aortic valve repair. The HAART 200 aortic annuloplasty device reduces annular dilatation and reorients the two flaps into a semicircular configuration. This orientation helps establish an effective coaptation geometry, simplifying the flap repair procedures required to restore valve competence.

– Reshapes the aortic annulus;

– Reduces the circumference of the dilated annulus to restore the annulus to its physiological diameter;

– Provides support for the aortic wall;

– Ensures adequate coaptation of the valve leaflets;

– Allows for easier valve repair, including root replacement/valve-sparing operations.

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