ExoVasc is an aortic root support made of knitted polyethylene terephthalate (PET), sutured using polyester thread and custom-made to fit the outer surface of a specific patient’s ascending aorta.

Indications for use

The ExoVasc customised external aortic root support is intended to be applied to the external surface of the ascending aorta in patients with aortic root dilatation of congenital origin in order to strengthen the ascending aorta and minimise the risk of further dilatation and dissection. The device is custom-made to fit the shape of the individual patient’s ascending aorta and should only be used for the patient for whom it was designed.

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Exstent Limited

was founded in 2002 to develop devices that manage aortic dilation and minimise the risk of aortic dissection without the need for aortic root replacement and subsequent permanent anticoagulation therapy.

In doing so, the company aims to make a difference in people’s lives free of worry and without the need for anticoagulant therapy or the risk of requiring further surgery.