Project Description

We provide a list and illustrative images of some of the distributed devices.

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Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannulae with Sure-Touch®

Handle Manually Inflating

  • Triple lumen cannula with a silicone cannula reinforced with wire wound axially along the length of a highly torqueable rigid body; manual inflation and deflation with supplied syringe.
  • Sure-Touch handle provides excellent cannula tip control and tactile response.
  • Available with either a smooth or textured 18mm medium balloon.
  • Offered with a rigid stylet or flexible guidewire to facilitate multiple transatrial placement techniques of the cannula into the coronary sinus.

Cannule per Cardioplegia Retrogada con Ultra Sof-Tip™ & Sure-Touch®

Handle Self-Inflating

  • Multi-lumen cannula with Ultra Sof-Tip and soft, low pressure balloon (smooth or textured) that automatically inflates from differential pressures occurring within the cannula during infusions.
  • Available with choice of 10.5 inch or 12.5 inch lengths.
  • Excellent tactile response with the Sure-Touch® or luer handle.
  • Rigid stylet or flexible guidewire options assist transatrial cannula placement within the coronary sinus.


  • Full line of vessel cannulae for delivery of cardioplegia solution to the heart
  • Available with one-way or free-flow valves, in both rigid (blunt or beveled) and soft tip styles
  • Stainless steel IMA needle available with unique 1.5mm Guyton soft tip


  • Permits handheld removal of excess fluid from the surgical field with a flexible cardiac sucker or with rigid
  • (standard and mini) suckers incorporating a stainless steel tube.
  • Low profile suction tube on flexible cardiac sucker equipped with 0.25 inch connector and fluted tip.
  • Rigid suckers available with rigid, fluted tip or soft tip with side ports.


  • Used in conjunction with the Surge Antegrade Cardioplegia Cannulae and Vessel Cannulae to facilitate delivery of cardioplegia solution to the heart.
  • Configuration can consist of PVC tubing, tubing slip connectors (vented or non-vented), male luer, female luer, and color-coded clamps for flexible flow contro.

Cardiovascular Surgery Accessories

  • Secures cannulae during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
  • Comprised of stainless steel wire snare and color-coded tourniquet tubing
  • Available in both pediatric and adult sizes

Surge Cardiovascular

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