Project Description

Sutures, in general term ‘stitches’, are sterilized surgical threads, which are used to ligate blood vessels or approximate tissues.


Sutures are generally categorized as:

·       Absorbable and Non-Absorbable

·       Natural and Synthetic

·       Monofilament and Braided


Absorbable sutures have a tendency to degrade as the wound heals. Non-Absorbable sutures oppose the body’s efforts to dissolve it. On complete healing of the wound, surgeons remove Non-Absorbable sutures. Meril Endo- Surgery has wide range of synthetic absorbable sutures which are madefrom Polyglactin 910(MITSU™ family),Polydioxanone(FILAXYN™), Poliglecaprone 25(FILAPRON™), Polyglycolic Acid(MEGASORB™ family) as well as synthetic non-absorbable sutures which are made from Polypropylene(FILAPROP™), Nylon(FILAMIDE™) and Polyster(MERICRON XL™). In natural absorbable sutures Meril portfolio covers Chromic and Plain Catgut (MERISOFT™) and in non-absorbable we have silk(FILASILK™) and steel(MERISTEEL™).

For placement of sutures, surgical needles are used, which are made up of stainless steel. Different types and sizes of needles are used depending on the area of application. We are dedicated to assist surgeons in tissue repair by giving them a broad gamut of products with our unmatched quality and service.


With an endeavour to expand its innovative solutions, Meril introduces  revolutionary Cardiovascular Suture Range that comprises some of the most preferred suture codes of Cardiovascular Surgeons. The broad gamut has more than 90 codes including those of FILAPROP (Polypropylene), FILAPROP P (Polypropylene with pledgets), MERICRON XL (Polyester), MERICRON XL P (Polyester with Pledgets) and MERISTEEL (Steel) to meet all the cardiovascular surgical needs.

o   MITSUTM is a mid-term absorbable braided and coated synthetic suture made of poly (glycolide-co-l-lactide)(90/10). MITSUTM degrades by hydrolysis and assures predictable and reliable absorption.

Made from copolymer of 90% glycolide & 10% lactide, MITSUTM(Polyglactin 910) suture is available as dyed and undyed. MITSUTM contains only FDA approved colour additives. The suture coating is a mixture composed of copolymer of glycolide and lactide (Polyglactin 370) and Calcium stearate.


  • Retention of 75 % knot tensile strength after 14 days
  • Retention of 50 % knot tensile strength after 21 days
  • Complete mass absorption in 56 to 70 days


  • General surgical
  • Gynaecological
  • Orthopaedic procedures
  • Ophthalmic surgeries
  • Microsurgeries


  • Smooth knot run-down/knot slide
  • Gentle knot repositioning
  • Excellent knot security
  • Minimized inflammatory reaction



o   FILAPROPTM polypropylene suture is a non-absorbable, sterile surgical suture made of an isotactic crystalline stereoisomer of polypropylene, a synthetic linear polyolefin. The suture is pigmented blue to enhance visibility. FILAPROPTM is also offered in Less Memory Tray (LMT) as well as in long folders to avoid the memory effect.

The Meril Cardiovascular Suture Range presents a broad spectrum of finer polypropylene sutures and even includes those with pledgets (FILAPROPTM P)



  • Cardiovascular
  • Ophthalmic
  • Neurological procedures


  • Smooth passage through tissue
  • Excellent knot run down and security
  • Minimal acute inflammatory reaction in tissues
  • Unsurpassed strength
  • Optimal elasticity and elongation properties



o   MERICRON XLTM Polyester suture is a non-absorbable synthetic braided suture composed of Poly (ethylene terephthalate). Its high quality material combined with precise braiding mechanism nearly eliminates the occurrence of post-operative suture fragments in the tissue. Unlike absorbable and some non-absorbable sutures, MERICRON XLTM polyester surgical suture does not \ show any significant change in tensile strength retention known to occur in vivo.

The Meril Cardiovascular Suture Range presents a broad spectrum of polyester sutures and even includes those with pledgets (MERICRON XLTM P).


  • Cardiovascular procedures
  • Ophthalmic procedures
  • Neurological procedures


  • Smoother suture surface
  • Less resistance to knot sliding
  • Greater strength
  • Pliable structure

o   MERISTEELTM suture is a non-absorbable monofilament suture made from 316LVM stainless steel. It is indicated for use in orthopaedic procedures and sternum closure in cardiovascular surgeries.


  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Sternum closure


  • Exceptional tensile strength
  • Excellent tissue compatibility