Project Description

Rainbow Trays™ designed to improve patient safety in ANESTHESIA.

Significant evidence has shown that anaesthetic drugs need to be standardized to reduce misadministration and improve patient safety, and there is generally no second control system.

The creation of AAGBI & RCoA colour codes, the logical progression of drug use and the integration of the tray system have created specific support for anaesthetists and greater patient safety.

Rainbow Trays provides patient safety in anaesthesia in 3 important steps:
– Standardization

– Breakdown into sub-funds

– Infection control

And then … Why Tamper Evident?
– Sealed and tamper-proof.
– Impossible to open without leaving traces of tampering attempts.
– The tray is equipped with a “shooting system”.
…when it’s closed.
– Has a high-impact adhesive and security slits on the label
– The integrity of the drugs in the trays is guaranteed by the pharmacy to the patient.
– Ideal for patients who need to be transferred.
– It can be left unattended by the operator – where it is safe.

– Associated with color code identification labels for drug recognition.

The AAGBI and RCoA labeling system for anaesthetics is internationally recognized as an ASTM standard.
This means that any healthcare professional worldwide will immediately understand the Rainbow TrayTM system and be able to use trays with virtually no instructions!
They are simple and effective in design and fully support an established and standard practice mode.

All labels in the list are supplied in multiples of 1000 (2 x 500).
In addition, an extensive catalogue of pre-printed labels is available, sorted by drug name.

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